The Wedding Market in Mexico in March 2024.

The wedding market in Mexico has experienced significant changes in recent years, and 2024 is no exception. Here we present an analysis of the trends and costs in this sector.

  • Wedding Trends: Weddings in 2024 will be remembered for their authenticity and fun. Couples are creating new rules in every aspect of their celebration to highlight their style and personality. Some of the most notable trends include:
    • 'Zero waste' weddings: Couples opt for a smaller gastronomic offer and opt for buffets and smaller portions.
    • 'Anti-wedding' weddings: Moving away from traditional celebrations, couples choose from scratch both the theme and wedding decoration as well as the organization.
    • Multiday Celebrations: The celebrations extend over several days.
    • Personalized Details: DIY elements are a must.
  • Wedding Costs: The cost of a wedding in Mexico can vary widely, depending on several factors, such as the number of guests, the venue, the style of the wedding, and the budget of the couple. In 2024, the average expense for a wedding in Mexico may amount to about $180,000 pesos. However, the cost of a simple wedding for 10 to 20 guests can be relatively inexpensive, with a budget between $10,000 and $20,000.
  • Collective Weddings: In 2024, the General Directorate of the Civil Registry of Mexico City announced the call for the first collective weddings of the year, in honor of the Day of Love and Friendship.
  • Favorite Months to Get Married: Although the most popular month to get married in 2024 is not specified, a large number of weddings are expected throughout the year.

The wedding market in Mexico in 2024 is full of innovation and customization, with couples looking to make their big day a unique and memorable celebration.

Analysis of the wedding market in Mexico in March 2024, made by The Amada Madonna Company.

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In summary.

In 2024, the wedding market in Mexico will be characterized by its authenticity and fun, with trends such as 'zero waste' weddings, 'anti-wedding', celebrations that last several days and personalized details. The average cost of a wedding can reach $180,000 pesos, although a simple wedding can cost between $10,000 and $20,000. In addition, collective weddings are held in honor of the Day of Love and Friendship. Although a popular month for getting married is not specified, many weddings are expected throughout the year. In short, weddings in Mexico in 2024 are full of innovation and customization.

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