About the Company

Know more about the Amada Madonna Company.

With hallmarks of excellence that express love, beauty and life, know more about the company. Amada Madonna is the legendary Company that redefined the world of weddings, celebrations and travel.

About the company.

A great vision and an important mission are the foundation for so much passion for quality, for creativity, for excellence and for the best customer service in the world, weddings have a new reason to smile.

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About the company.

Amada Madonna is a legally incorporated company, founded in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. December 21, 2009.

It is an innovative company that exalts love and life.

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Express creativity, new ideas and high technology, to evolve the world of weddings, celebrations and travel, always prioritizing the best customer service.


To be the center of the wedding, celebration and travel market, combining the best of craftsmanship, efficiency, professionalism and high technology, in a natural and friendly way.


Express the best of human quality through creativity, efficiency, simplicity, order, intelligence, generosity and artistic design.

Art of Amada Madonna.

Inspiration from Italian art.

The name of Amada Madonna.

The reason for the name of the company is to honor the foundress, the name in turn is inspired by one of the best artistic references of femininity, expressed classically and masterfully in "the great genre", that is, in the Italian art through "The Madonna" that exalts feminine values and qualities from a perspective of sublime beauty.

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