Fairy – Wedding Subscription

© Amada Madonna Fairy is a wedding subscription service.

Magical automated services, for customers and vendors.

Amada Madonna Fairy – Wedding Subscription.

The innovative subscription service: © Amada Madonna Fairy, unites both clients and vendors, in the world of weddings and high technology. The subscription service offers benefits for everyone.

A customer in this context is a person who wants to hire a wedding service. A vendor in this context is a wedding vendor.

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We will make magic for your wedding through high technology. With our automated services, you will can say goodbye to stress and dedicate yourself to enjoying the great experience of love in your life.


Know about magical ways to grow your business through high technology. We will show you interesting services that can increase your sales and further optimize your business.

We understand you.

© Amada Madonna Fairy system is available in more than 150 languages.

In the following, when we mention © Amada Madonna Fairy, we will say it in abbreviated form: © Fairy.

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