Awesome – Entertainment and streaming

© Amada Madonna Awesome is the streaming service for videos, podcasts and more.

Specializing in thematic of wedding, celebrations, flowers and bridal fashion.

The wonderful content streaming service:  © Amada Madonna Awesome, provides entertainment and interesting information through videos and podcasts  created by the wedding, celebrations, flowers and travel community. For the most part, it will be exclusive and original content that will be provided through the subscription to © Amada Madonna Fairy.

© Amada Madonna Fairy - En.

That is, this streaming service will be included for subscribers of © Amada Madonna Fairy, at no additional charge.

Coming soon.

Entertainment and streaming in © Amada Madonna Awesome.

Video streaming.

Vertical format, for short videos.

The new world trend, short videos.

Instead of competing against millions of content creators who create videos of various content on different social networks, through © Amada Madonna Awesome you will be able to publish your short videos that will be shown to the right audiences for you and your interests.

These audiences are interested in know about  weddings, celebrations, flowers and travel thematics .

You will be able to film short videos from your smartphone.

Through easy steps, you will be able to film a video as you normally would, to later upload it to our platforms, so you can publish easily and simply.

Horizontal format, for long videos.

Like YouTube, long videos.

If you want to create tutorial style content, post filming of events, video blogs and more.

Audio streaming.

Like radio shows.

You can publish audio podcasts, this multimedia content format is perfect for people who don't want to focus on looking at a screen at that moment, but rather listen to the content.

For example, people who drive, those who study, those who cook, those who do outdoor activities and more.

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