Gifts for your wedding, are the benefits of wedding planners.

Splendid and very useful services for your wedding, which are included as a gift in the hiring of our wedding planning packages, is to enjoy the benefits of wedding planners.

Benefits of wedding planners of Amada Madonna.

If you want more information about the benefits wedding planners will make for your wedding, this welcome guide has been specially designed for you.

Security in Amada Madonna.


Gift. Amada Madonna Cloud - Happiness.

It is a safe place to organize your wedding, here you can communicate with wedding planners, your wedding documents will also be organized in a clean and orderly manner.

You can enjoy very comfortably, using it from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Gift. Wedding coach program.

While our wedding planners prepare for your wedding, our wedding training will provide the necessary support so that you can enjoy the best way of this great experience.

It includes a wide variety of resources and tips to make everything perfect.

Executive staff of Amada Madonna.


Assistant of Amada Madonna.


Gift. Magical wedding apps.

Enjoy Amada Madonna's exclusive automated applications and attendees, such as the guest list by tables and more.

There are many automated assistants for weddings, which you can comfortably enjoy in your packages, included for free.

My favorite place is in your arms ...

Benefits of wedding planners of Amada Madonna.

We thank you very much for all your attention, everything was beautiful, my family enjoyed it very much, thank you for your patience and for your services. In Amada Madonna there is excellence, they have created such beautiful experiences for our wedding, that we will always carry with so much gratitude. And literally, the banquet was delicious indeed! We are deeply grateful. They got us to enjoy everything, managed everything will be more than perfect, thank you for your splendid team, we will always carry them in our hearts.

Liliana González and Miguel Ángel Sánchez.

Liliana González and Miguel Ángel Sánchez.

Bridal celebration.

Beautiful moments to share.

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Wedding planners will take care of everything.

Just relax and enjoy your wedding.

The benefits of the wedding planners are that our professionals will take care of all the details of your wedding day, as well as planning month by month with the suppliers, whatever you need.

Packages and gifts for weddings of Amada Madonna.

Everything is designed so you can relax and simply enjoy.

I will love you forever, for the rest of my life.

Benefits of wedding planners of Amada Madonna.

At first we needed help organizing the details of the wedding, but with you, in Amada Madonna, everything is so nice, and this is because you have it all. You already had prepared everything we needed, they always offered us ingenious and very good solutions. And most exciting of all is that many things that we needed were already included in our package for free. You are definitely the most complete and I love that. It is a blessing for us to have your great support.

Elisa Campos and Gael Navarro.

Elisa Campos and Gael Navarro.

Bridal celebration.

Creativity that inspires beautiful desires.

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Professional team, elegant presentation.

You can choose the uniforms you want for the wedding team, on the great day.

Professional wedding planners of Amada Madonna.

We have a passion for excellence, taking care of all the details, from our impeccable way of working, to the harmonious presentation of our team, especially for the great wedding day.

Select from the menu, the uniform you want for the wedding team.

It is very easy, because you can choose from the menu of options the theme of uniforms you want for our team of wedding planners, for the great day. Everything will combine with the theme of your wedding.

Staff of Amada Madonna.

Tablet of Amada Madonna.

Elegant and discreet communication.

Especially for the important details of the great wedding day, our teams will coordinate in a professional manner, through discrete and wireless devices, which will guarantee that everything will be under control and that everything at the wedding will be done as you wish.

I like your perfume, you smell the love of my life.

Benefits of wedding planners of Amada Madonna.

I did not have to worry about anything, in Amada Madonna everything was always so organized, so prepared, so beautiful, that it has been a real relief for the stress of the wedding. With you, everything was calm and professional, at every step. In fact, in each meeting with you we were always very happy and satisfied. We love the great quality with which they do all their work. They are the best option for weddings, I always felt very happy with you, because they really have everything, included, well thought out and always with a smile. I wish you much success always.

Alondra Ramos and David Cano.

Alondra Ramos and David Cano.

Bridal celebration.

Love in Amada Madonna.

You can make the decision right now.

Everything will be fine.
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Wedding planner
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Wedding planners will take care of everything