The most romantic sunsets in the world, is the pleasure of Amada Madonna's cruises.

Complete, enjoyable and fun cruise packages, from the most beautiful ports in the world, in a great diversity of countries, on all continents, and with all the cruises lines of the planet.

Cruises of Amada Madonna.

In Amada Madonna you can choose the package of cruises that you like most, from the dates, the type of cabin, the activities, the itinerary and more. It's combining the legendary customer service with the most delicious travel packages.

The smile is mine, but the reason is you.

Gifts included in package from Amada Madonna.

Your cruise package is 10 times more useful than other types of packages.

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They are amazing gifts in useful services for your honeymoon, that you can enjoy right now.

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Up to 12 months without interest. Purchase flexibility for online payment, bank purchases options, discounts and memberships, is wonderful.

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Select the dates and itinerary you want.

Cruise dates of Amada Madonna.

In an efficient and friendly way you can select the city and port from where you want to start your trip, you can also select very comfortably the dates and the number of days and nights you want to be traveling.

Love makes the impossible possible.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

Thank you very much for our honeymoon, it was as always I dreamed, I thank you so much that we have designed a package where we could choose absolutely all the details, and the best thing is that everything was in accordance with our budget for the travel. Everything was perfect, the Caribbean cruise was the one I always dreamed of, my husband and I enjoyed it very much. We did not want to return! We thank both the team of Amada Madonna, who have supported us to make this experience so magical for us.

Luz María Finol and Roberto Morillo.

Luz María Finol and Roberto Morillo.

Bridal celebration.


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Bars, lounges and night clubs on the cruise.

It's time to have fun in the most dazzling way.

Bars lounges and night clubs in cruise of Amada Madonna.

Most of our cruises include bars, salons and night clubs of different themes, it is a celebration after another at sea, to have a great time with your most special people, in a safe and fascinating way.

In love there is always something of madness, but there is also always something right in madness.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

It was like a dream, we enjoyed it to the fullest and the best of all is that you made us many discounts that in other places they did not have for our honeymoon package, so we were able to bring many gifts and souvenirs of all kinds. We loved that the cruise staff were already aware about our honeymoon, so they made us feel very special. I have told our friends so much about this trip that now everyone wants to go with you. Really in Amada Madonna, they are by far the best option to really enjoy the honeymoon. You are amazing.

Ivanna Montero and Luis Fernando Robles.

Ivanna Montero and Luis Fernando Robles.

Bridal celebration.


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Pamper yourself in shops and beauty salons.

Amenities that are always fashionable.

Shops and beauty salon in cruise of Amada Madonna.

You can always see yourself spectacular thanks to the beauty salons, while you enjoy the fashion and souvenirs shops, which are available on many of our cruises, it is fashion and trends that you will love.

Love should not only be a flame, but a light.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

We loved the cruise, it was great that they did wonders with the dates and the budget that my husband and I had available. You fulfilled my dreams of enjoying so many beaches and beautiful tours, every detail has been most precious. Besides, you always had everything well prepared and organized. We have enjoyed tender and very beautiful experiences, so much that we had fun in everything we did. You in Amada Madonna, gave the finishing touch to our wedding. My husband and I want you to continue to prosper because you deserve it.

Guadalupe Quivera and Kevin Bravo.

Guadalupe Quivera and Kevin Bravo.

Bridal celebration.

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Exquisite banquets in continental and specialty restaurants.

Friendly environments for coexistence and specialty for memorable dinners.

Continental and specialty restaurants in cruise of Amada Madonna.

If you want to relax you can enjoy the excellent banquets in continental restaurants, with the most diverse menu you can imagine. And for romantic nights you can choose any of the specialty restaurants, gourmet style.

Love is the joy of the good, the reflection of the wise, the amazement of the unbelievers.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

Your professionalism amazed us at the most important moment. We were leaving to the honeymoon the next day of our wedding, we already had the whole package of cruises, transports and flights, but at the last minute the airline changed the hours of the connection, so it would have been impossible to have taken the cruise because the times did not coincide and we would have lost our so dreamed honeymoon, but when you heard the news immediately they helped us and they replaced the flights with another airline, without any kind of cost. They are really professionals in Amada Madonna. We appreciate your attention so much. We wish you continue to be so successful.

Naomi Riojas and Elías Ortiz.

Naomi Riojas and Elías Ortiz.

Bridal celebration.

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Room service.

Perfect to relax with the comfort of privacy.

Room service in cruise of Amada Madonna.

If you wish you can order the menu directly to your cabin, it is easy and very pleasant, it is suitable if you want to enjoy a magnificent breakfast, with all the comforts, from your private balcony overlooking the sea.

We must know that there is no country on earth where love has not turned lovers into poets.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

We enjoyed the whole cruise, it is fascinating how you designed us the package for the cities that we had always wanted to visit, it was the most special because in each place that the cruise arrived, we could make tourism and enjoy each city so comfortably, in fact, everyone always filled us with excellent hospitality, we felt like we were in a paradise. In addition, everything has been so beautiful and relaxing, because you thought of everything, as in the schedules, in the activities, down to the last detail. In Amada Madonna they created one of the most amazing experiences of our life as a couple and marriage. Thank you.

Estrella Vargas and Miguel Landino.

Estrella Vargas and Miguel Landino.

Bridal celebration.

Creativity that inspires beautiful desires.

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Delight yourself by visiting different cities, coasts and ports every day.

It is the smartest way to do tourism with elegance.

Cities and ports in cruise of Amada Madonna.

If you want an itinerary of different cities and even countries, without the concerns of luggage, traffic stress and transportation, the cruise is the perfect way. Every day you can visit each city with absolute comfort from the majestic cruise.

I love how love loves. I do not know any other reason to love than to love you.

Amada Madonna Cruises.

The attention you have with the details is magnificent. They gave us advice and guidance so that we could fully enjoy the cruise services. We knew we would have a great time but not at such an amazing level of comfort. We enjoyed gala dinners and the nights were unforgettable. Everything has been like in a movie. It has been blissful to enjoy our most romantic side in every experience and comfort, that we live aboard the cruise. In Amada Madonna's team they are specialists so that everything is excellent. You are now our only travel option. They are impeccable and we are proud and very satisfied.

Valeria Montero and Omar Sánchez.

Valeria Montero and Omar Sánchez.

Bridal celebration.

It is absolute happiness, with the best experiences in life.

Recreational activities and sports in the cruise, for all tastes.

Sports and activities in cruise of Amada Madonna.

In the cruise you can also do recreational activities, such as water sports, enjoy in the pools, gyms, team sports in the various courts, as well as enjoy the lush beaches of the itinerary.

A sanctuary of ecstasy and deep relaxation.

Spa and jacuzzi on the cruise.

Spa and jacuzzi in cruise of Amada Madonna.

You can relax and enjoy pleasantly the tranquility and well-being, enjoying the intimate and harmonious experiences offered by the spa and jacuzzi on the cruise, it is perfect for the optimal rest in such a romantic travel.

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Choose the dates, cities, number of nights, type of cabin, the type of offer you want, completely everything.

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So you can compare between the options of airlines and hotels with absolute comfort.


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