To create beautiful moments, romantic decoration for weddings.

In this article we are going to show you many beautiful ideas for the personalization of a romantic decoration for weddings.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

In a romantic wedding decoration you have to consider many details so that everything is perfect.

There are many guidelines that should be taken into account, for example that the place of reception of the wedding should express romanticism, in addition to wedding halls, gardens and villas, are perfect for this decoration.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

The live music at the wedding reception, will create a very special atmosphere, therefore, the type of details you choose for the decoration should express the feeling of a cozy space, so decoration is an aspect that has increasingly more important.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

Recommendations in romantic decoration for weddings.

Here the colors that must be selected are of balanced tonalities, that is, without very light or very dark tones, the pastel colors are excellent for this. For example, the color pink and white can be excellent in combinations.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

A very good idea is to include the mirror glass lanterns are beautiful for this type of decoration, are very versatile, can work very well as centerpieces with floral arrangements, or use them as accessories on the dessert table or in the spaces of the wedding reception.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

Selection of flowers in romantic decoration for weddings.

It is important the correct selection of flowers, since each one has its own soul and transmits unique things, so for this type of romantic decoration for weddings it is ideal that the flowers that are of all in pastel colors, so it is very convenient avoid very intense colors.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

In addition, the flowers are very versatile for the decoration of all kinds of spaces, in the reception of the wedding, for example: floral arches, tables, chairs for guests, frames for photos and more.

In this type of decoration it is possible to include flowers in visually very attractive places, for example, in the table of the cake, or, as accessories in jars with sand of sea or seashells. In this way, with such options, the decoration will have dramatic details that will transmit freshness, relaxation and well-being.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

Romanticism should not be limited to the wedding reception, because you can also transmit it to your guests through wedding invitations. If you personalize the type of invitations to be harmonious with the decorative theme of your wedding, the result will be great.

Romantic decoration for weddings in Amada Madonna.

In addition, the floral motifs in the invitations give a touch of elegance and joy, especially if your wedding will be outdoors.

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