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The wedding ceremonies are the most important, because in addition to being beautiful they also involve legal marriage agreements, wedding witnesses, the protocol of the religious ceremony and more.

There are also special suppliers for each moment of the ceremonies, such as classical musicians who will set the mood in a memorable way at all times, these providers also need supervision and organization, in an elegant, discreet and professional manner.

So that your family and your wedding witnesses can fully enjoy each moment of the ceremonies, you can leave all the details of the organization in the hands of the professionals.

With this package of Amada Madonna our team will prepare every detail of your wedding ceremonies to perfection.

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Beautiful and memorable moments at the wedding.

Ceremony of Amada Madonna.

Services included in the wedding ceremonies package:


Civil ceremony.

  • Receiving guests to the site of the civil ceremony.
  • Coordination of wedding witnesses.
  • Reception of musicians and suppliers for the civil ceremony.
  • Reception of the civil judge.
  • Coordination of photos and videos.
  • Toast coordination.
  • Personalized support for the wedding couple.
  • Legal advice.


Religious ceremony.

  • Support in the preparation of the wedding couple.
  • Courtship for the entrance of the couple of weddings and family, in the religious site.
  • Review of the decoration in the religious site.
  • Guest reception.
  • Coordination of wedding witnesses.
  • Reception of musicians and suppliers for the religious ceremony.
  • Coordination of photos and videos.
  • Coordination of details for the departure of the wedding couple from the religious site.



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Custom uniforms

Custom uniforms

Customization of the uniforms of the wedding team.

Staff of Amada Madonna.

You will be able to customize the team uniform of the wedding planners.

It is as simple as choosing between comfortable and elegant options, so that the wedding team has a presentation that combines with the decorative theme of your wedding.

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¡Son los mejores y son geniales! Siempre me sorprenden con todas las maravillas que hacen :D
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