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Price expressed in mexican pesos (MXN). Special offer of 50% discount.

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Price expressed in mexican pesos (MXN).

Price per unit, based on double occupancy (one unit confirms two guests, since a guest will normally attend accompanied).

Special promotion of 50% discount.

The guests confirmation via telephonic is excellent to confirm attendance quickly, especially if there is little time in advance, it is the most elegant way to welcome your guests, as well as to inform them of the important details of your wedding. You can prepare the list for the confirmation of guests using the usefuls for weddings of Amada Madonna, very easily and simple.

You will love the efficiency in Amada Madonna, because you can see the progress of confirmations in real time, with easy-to-read data, about the guests who will attend, those who will not be able to attend, and useful information, so that you will can make timely decisions for the reception of your wedding, with confidence and certainty.

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Celerity, efficiency and elegance for the confirmation of guests.

Location of Amada Madonna.

Timely information to make correct decisions, for the wedding reception.

  • Confirmation via telephonic per unit, based on double occupancy.
  • Travel agency for the honeymoon, free of commission.
  • Catalog of suppliers for weddings and events.
  • Usefuls for weddings.

Ideas of Amada Madonna.Tip: Select the number of units you want for the confirmation of your guests, remember that one unit confirms two guests, since normally a guest will attend accompanied, you can do it from your shopping cart in the “View cart” option and selecting the number of units from “Quantity”.



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Business of Amada Madonna.It is necessary for the purchase of this package of services, that the purchase be made with a minimum of 30 calendar days before the date of the wedding celebration.

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