Intelligence, is the guests confirmation demo.

To control the budget of the wedding, in Amada Madonna we will make sure that you enjoy the total tranquility and confidence, you will love that now you will also be able to see the guests confirmation demo.

Guests confirmation demo in Amada Madonna.

With the guests confirmation demo, you will be able to verify the excellence and simplicity, which we are so passionate about in Amada Madonna, it is easy and friendly.

RSVP labels from Amada Madonna.

Elegance for guests confirmations.

RSVP labels from Amada Madonna.

The RSVP labels from Amada Madonna will be printed on your wedding invitations, they are automatically generated labels to comply with security protocols, so your guests will confirm their attendances with efficiency.

I look at you, I smile and I ask myself: How do you do to like me so much?

Guests confirmation demo in Amada Madonna.

Demo for the guests confirmation via RSVP.

The most planned and efficient way to confirm.

RSVP demo in Amada Madonna.

QR Code.

It is very easy to see a demonstration for guests confirmation via RSVP, simply follow the steps below.

Email of Amada Madonna.

To start.

Devices of Amada Madonna.

Please scan the QR Code from your smartphone or from any compatible device, by doing so you will be guided step by step from your device.

Enter the security data.

All guest confirmations in Amada Madonna are protected by security systems, to guarantee privacy and protection. In this demonstration, security data will be requested for demonstration purposes.

Password: apple

Protection in Amada Madonna.


QR Codes can be scanned and read through free applications that you can download to your smartphone or device, directly from official stores, such as the App Store and Google Play.

Google Play.

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App Store.

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