Wallet – Rewards and Refunds

Wallet, the loyalty rewards and rebate program.

Available at Amada Madonna Store.

The duo of trust, the legendary Amada Madonna Customer Service with the "Wallet" rewards and rebates program, specially designed to reward you for your loyalty.

Wallet - Rewards and Refunds at Amada Madonna.

Know right now the amazing benefits that this program brings with services that will give you security and confidence.

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Amada Madonna Store.


Do you want to buy any product or hire a service from the Company? With a single account you can do that safely. For your convenience, you can select the language version of the store.

You can access the Amada Madonna Store quickly by tapping on the store icon, located in the floating menu on the left.

Rewards in electronic money.

A percentage of money back when you make a new purchase.

The percentage varies according to the version of Amada Madonna Store in relation to the country.

"Wallet is an exciting program because each time you shop at the Amada Madonna Store you will be rewarded with a percentage of the total purchase amount in electronic money for each purchase.

It's an automated process, because you will see your new balance directly in your Amada Madonna Store account.

Wallet - Rewards and Refunds at Amada Madonna.

Savings at the time of purchase when there is a balance in "Wallet".

When you are ready to make a purchase, your balance will be automatically deducted using the electronic money that you have available at that time, so you will buy enjoying very good discounts thanks to this loyalty program.

It is important that you check the participating products and services that apply for this program, the information is directly on the product or service card in Amada Madonna Store.


When you are making a purchase, the store will automatically notify you of the electronic money you will receive, when the status of your purchases is completed.


In the top menu of the store you will see an icon of a wallet with the corresponding balance, you can tap or click there to see that section.

Refunds and warranty.

Depending on the product or service, it is possible to include a protection service (with additional cost). If you buy this protection program and for example, in case you have a problem and are not satisfied then you can request a refund.

Wallet - Rewards and Refunds at Amada Madonna.

The refund will be applied directly and exclusively to your "Wallet" account as a balance in electronic money, under the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Again we indicate that it is important that you consult the participating products and services that apply for this program, the information is directly on the product or service file in the Amada Madonna Store.

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