It's so much happiness, know the exclusive advantages in the welcome guide.

Our clients enjoy fascinating and exclusive advantages, which can only be seen in Amada Madonna, such as excellence in celebrations, travel and high technology, that is why the welcome guide will help you to know them.

Welcome guide in Amada Madonna.

We know that your smartphone is an important part of your life, that's why we have designed our services so that you can enjoy everything comfortably with our high technology, in a natural and friendly design, from the palm of your hand.

You're the way the world has for tell me how beautiful life is.

We have prepared everything for you, so that everything is love at first sight.

Welcome guide in Amada Madonna.

Intuitive in Amada Madonna.

Intuitive menu.

We introduce you to our intuitive menu, the perfect complement to the main navigation menu, you will be happy to know that everything has been designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Intuitive computer menu in Amada Madonna.

From your computer.

It will appear on the left.

The intuitive menu will appear in the upper left corner, providing you shortcuts to services so that you fully enjoy your experience, such as customer service, shopping assistant, search and more.

Intuitive smartphone menu in Amada Madonna.

From your smartphone.

It will appear on the right.

The intuitive menu will be merged with the main navigation menu, now you can access it from a new button located in the upper right corner, for your greater ergonomic comfort. Includes quick access to your shopping cart.

Stellar introduction of the © Fairy Godmother.

The friendly virtual assistant that will make magic for your celebration.

It's absolute efficiency, because now you can enjoy a smart virtual assistant from your smartphone, which includes useful services that you can use just by touching.

Welcome guide in Amada Madonna.

The best thing of all is that they are so useful services in all the senses, that you will use them in a natural way with efficiency and simplicity, every day.

Fairy Godmother of Amada Madonna.

© Fairy Godmother of Amada Madonna.

Quick access to the social network and your purchases.

The © Fairy Godmother is in constant evolution, it is an intelligent service that improves every day, similar to the system of your smartphone, so your experience will be better and better.

Networks of Amada Madonna.

The © Fairy Godmother includes quick access to the places of Amada Madonna's social network, so you can enjoy them from the palm of your hand.

Store of Amada Madonna.

For the best comfort in shopping. The © Fairy Godmother also includes quick access to useful services for your purchases, so you will have everything organized.

Intelligence and intuition.

The perfect combination to enjoy in the easiest way possible.

Amada Madonna in iPhone.

On the left.

You can share any content you want with just touching, it's easy, just choose the social network and you're done.

On the right.

The © Fairy Godmother and the button to go up, are comfortably at your disposal, just touch them and they will do magic.

I watched you laugh and so I saw my future.

New side menu.

  • Cloud. High technology for teamwork, conferences and file management.
  • Institute. Courses and training for the Amada Madonna teams.
  • Wedding venues. Smart directory to compare features and prices in places for weddings.

Side menu in Amada Madonna.

Now there is a new and convenient side menu on the right.

Social in Amada Madonna.

Social menu.

Get quick access to the social networks of Amada Madonna, designed harmoniously, is the natural way to have a friendly and social contact at the community level.

Social computer menu in Amada Madonna.

From your computer.

The social menu will appear in the upper right corner.

Social smartphone menu in Amada Madonna.

From your smartphone.

It will appear at the top of the new mobile menu.

Social computer menu in Amada Madonna.

In the footer.

It will always appear in the lower menu, on computers and smartphones.

Amada Madonna in iPhone.

Tap, swipe, scroll. Ready, you know how to use it.

Also compare flights and hotels with a single touch of your finger.

Call in Amada Madonna.

It is very easy to enjoy from your smartphone, because thanks to our sophisticated services that combine the best of high technology with friendly and natural experiences, now you can see the progress of the confirmations of your guests, your travel packages, the organization for your wedding and more. From the palm of your hand with ease and efficiency.

Quick access to WhatsApp on smartphones.

We have also included a new WhatsApp button in the lower left corner, so you can start a conversation quickly from your smartphone, with our customer care team.

Amada Madonna Whatsapp.