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Share experiences and anecdotes in the forums and community.

Now you can share experiences and solve doubts with other wedding couples and wedding suppliers, in the forums and community you have all the necessary services to learn, solve and share.

Forums and community in Amada Madonna.

This quick guide we will show you how to use the best possible way Amada Madonna forums.

General information.

Loyalty and rewards in Amada Madonna.

Free account in Amada Madonna.

To participate in the forums of weddings, celebrations and trips, you must first have an account in Amada Madonna, they are free, you can create yours now with a simple touch through Facebook, or manually through the welcome form.

How do you want to create your account?

Quick access to the forums.

The accesses to the forums have been intuitively designed, you can see links on the home page of Amada Madonna, in the customer care section and also from your own profile in Amada Madonna in the "Forums" section.

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Basic concepts.

Forums and community in Amada Madonna.

The sections in the forums.

When you visit the forums section you will find 3 main areas.

The first is the forums navigation menu, where you can search for topics, see members, see your profile and more.

The second is the list of topics, from here you can select the topic of your interest to consult it or to ask questions to the community.

The third is the section of statistics and information, from here you can see numerical data with timely information, as well as the iconography that shows what each icon means in the forums.

Classification of topics.

There are large categories by language, represented by the color blue.

Within these categories are the topics you can select, by choosing one you will see a new screen with the description of the topic and its content.

They also have buttons and options to subscribe to new publications of the topic, as well as to share on social networks.


Customization on Amada Madonna.

Forums and community in Amada Madonna.

Publish a new doubt or experience.

It is very easy to post content in the forums, when you have selected the theme, click on the "Add topic" button.

Next, enter the title and content of your publication, in the new screen that will appear.

You also have the options of making your publication private or sticky to prevail against other publications that you make.

You can attach images, add tags (keywords so that your publication can be better organized in the forums), subscribe to new interactions and more.

Manage your post.

When you post on the forums, your topics will appear directly on your profile in Amada Madonna, from the "Forums" section.

In "Topics started" you will see the list of posts that you have done. By selecting one of your posts you will can see the whole topic from the forum, here you will see a new panel with tools to manage your post.

You can share on social networks, move the post to another category, mark the issue as resolved, close the topic, cite other people's comments and more.

Forums and community in Amada Madonna.


Conversation on Amada Madonna.

Respond to a post.

It's very easy, just choose the theme and in the "Leave a reply" section write and add the content you want, when you're ready, click on the "Add reply" option.

In this way, your new response will be added to the subject in question.

See the answers to your post.

To help you have everything well organized, from your profile on Amada Madonna in the "Replies created" section within the "Forums" section, you will see all the interactions that the community has had with your post.

To follow up, you can simply select the response you want to see the whole subject.

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