Know more about Amada Madonna, the celebrations company.

Weddings, celebrations, decoration, banquets, honeymoon and trips, are testimonies of excellence that express love, beauty and life, know more about Amada Madonna, the company that redefined the world of weddings and celebrations.

About Amada Madonna.

A great vision and an important mission, are the foundation for so much passion for quality, for creativity, for excellence and for the best attention to clients of the world, weddings have a new reason to smile.

The foundation.

Solid bases for the constitution of happiness.

The foundation of Amada Madonna.

Amada Madonna Servicios Eventos y Moda S. A. de C. V. It is a legally constituted company, founded in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. On December 21, 2009. It is an innovative company that exalts love and life.


Express creativity, new ideas and high technology, to evolve the world of celebrations, weddings and tourism, always putting in first place the best customer care.


Being the center of the world of celebrations, weddings, decoration and tourism, combining the best of craftsmanship, efficiency, professionalism and high technology, in a natural and friendly way.


Express the best of human quality through creativity, efficiency, simplicity, order, intelligence, generosity, impeccable artistic design, with the best customer care service in the world.

I want three things: to see you, to hug you and kiss you.

About Amada Madonna.


Pioneers in the great world of celebrations, weddings and excellence.

Founders of Amada Madonna.

The vision of the founders of Amada Madonna, has always been to combine excellence, the exaltation of life and the best of human talent, to evolve a world as traditional as that of weddings and celebrations.

Amada Domínguez Foundress.

Amada Domínguez Martínez.


Francisco Rubin Founder.

Francisco Rubin Domínguez.


My heart is perfect, because you are in it.

About Amada Madonna.

Trademarks of Amada Madonna.

Protection in international treaties, intellectual property and copyright.

Trademarks of Amada Madonna.

Doing things impeccably is fundamental in Amada Madonna, they are 5-star excellence stamps, now you can meet the registered brands of Amada Madonna that make up a legacy of absolute excellence.

© Amada Madonna

© Passion for the luxury

© Pasión por el lujo

© Amada Madonna Logo.

Logo of Amada Madonna.

Registered trademark. All rights reserved.

The shield of Amada Madonna.

Designed by the founder Francisco Rubin Domínguez, the logo of Amada Madonna, also known as the shield, is represented by lionesses, for the crown of the queen of chess, as well as it is also strongly inspired by the medieval design of the shields of the houses real. Unlike what has usually been thought, they are not lions, but lionesses, thus expressing the ferocity, efficiency, intelligence and elegance of the work coordinated in a team.

The name of Amada Madonna.

The reason of the name of the company is for honor to the founder Amada Domínguez Martínez, and also composed of one of the best artistic inspirations in the female divinity, expressed classically and masterfully in "the great genre", that is, the Italian art through "La Madonna", which exalts female values and qualities from a perspective of excellent beauty.

Inspiration from italian art.

Amada Madonna Art.


Legal in Amada Madonna.

For more legal information about Amanda Madonna's trademarks, operability and important information, please consult the terms and conditions.

The company.

Amada Madonna headquarters.

Amada Madonna Company.

The headquarters of Amada Madonna are located in the city of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, as a center for executive, administrative and business decision making.


Enjoy a coffee with our team.

Coffee with Amada Madonna.

Amada Madonna headquarters.

Location of Amada Madonna.Batallón de San Patricio 109 Sur. Colonia Valle Oriente. San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico. Zip - Postal code 66260.

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